Pattaya, December 20th 2016

Regulations of the “Nederlandse Bridge Club Pattaya” (NBCP)


1. The sole purpose of the NBCP is for its members to play contract bridge under the umbrella of the Chonburi Bridge League.

2. The NBCP is an associate member of the Chonburi Bridge League.

3. The NBCP will pay monthly/annually an agreed amount for the participation in the Chonburi Bridge League.    This amount will be reviewed annually and will be based on a split of the actual spending that the Chonburi Bridge League incurs on behalf of its associates.

4. The bridge will be played in a friendly atmosphere.

5. Betting, gambling or any other related activity are strictly prohibited.

6. The NBCP will use at all events the official cards that are issued and provided by the Thai Government. At any of the events any other cards are prohibited.

7. NBCP is a nonprofit organization, all proceeds will be solely used for the purpose of organizing and playing bridge by its members.

8. The locations for the events are registered and approved by the Chonburi Bridge League and the Sports Authorities of Chonburi.


9. The NBCP welcomes players from all levels and nationality.

10. All participants have to be registered.

           There are two ways

                 a: By buying a 1000 Baht card giving you the right to play ten times

                 b:By paying 150 Baht a turm


11. A part of these fees are used to meet the costs of membership of the Chonburi Bridge Leaque


12. Fees can be reviewed at any time as required. 


13.The NBCP has a Committee consisting of the following members:

a. Chairman

b. Secretary

c. Treasurer

d. Director

e. Any other Committee members

f. Cash Verification Committee g. Any other Sub Committees.

Re a) The Chairman is responsible for the general running of the club and will call for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Re b) The Secretary will hold the administration office and is responsible for all internal and external  communication.

Re c) The Treasurer will keep record of the financial income and spending Together with one other member  of the Committee the Treasurer will have the control over the shared bank savings account.

Re d) The Director will be responsible for organizing and leading all activities related to the bridge.

Re e) Other members as required can be installed by the AGM.

Re f) The Cash Verification Committee will verify the books before the AGM (or more often as they see fit) and report the results of the verification to the AGM.

Re g) Any other Committee can be installed by the AGM or ad hoc by the Committee.

Re h) All Committees work is done voluntary and no remuneration will be paid.

14. The Committee members a,b,c,d,e are chosen by the AGM for a period of 2 years.The Chairman and Treasurer will step down in the odd years and the Secretary and Director in the even years. All others members will step down after two years of service. Every Committee member can be reelected. The AGM


15. The book year of the NBCP runs from 1 September to 31 Augustus of the following year.

16. At the start of every new book year an Annual General Meeting will be called by the Chairman with the following agenda:

a. Opening by the Chairman

b. General overview of the activities of the past year

c. Report from the Treasures

d. Report from the Cash Verification Committee

e. Discharge for the Treasurer

f. Election and/or re-election for the vacant positions in the committee.

g. Activity plan for the following year. h. Any other business

17. The AGM will have a quorum if 25% of the active members are present. (Active members are those members who play more than 25 times a year)

18. The voting will be by acclamation and a simple majority is required.

19. A change of location for the bridge events does not need approval from the AGM.

20. The Committee reserves the right to deny new applicants or deny existing members playing, at their discretion.

21. The Committee will do everything in its power to act according to the rules and regulations of the NBCP and the Government. As such the Committee Members will be supported and indemnified by the NBCP and its members in case any legal liability or other issues related to Bridge might occur. Except in cases of gross negligence and criminal acts.